Home Learning

Home Learning Challenges
Once the children have settled into Reception, home learning will be issued on Tapestry every Thursday and returned by the following Thursday. In Reception, these home learning activities are fun, practical activities that involve the whole family. For example, activities may include an autumnal walk, collages, cutting and sticking activities as well as baking! They are designed to be an extension of the learning that takes place in class in a fun and engaging way.

When children start in Reception, children take home a ‘Share and Enjoy’ book and we encourage parents to read to them every day and share this with us in the children’s reading journal. Once children, can blend and read words independently they take home a reading book from our Read Write Inc. Phonics programme. We then expect children to read at least five times a week and again ask parents to record this.

In the Early Years setting, we encourage Parents/Carers to contribute to their child’s Learning Journey. To do this, we encourage Parents and Carers to add WOW moments to their child’s online Learning Journey, via Tapestry. WOW moments indicate when their child achieves something at home. An achievement could be tying their shoe for the first time, writing their name independently, baking a cake or anything else the parent believes to be a WOW moment. Afterwards it is included in the child’s Learning Journey and celebrated with their peers in the classroom.

We also give rewards for good behaviour; this could range from stickers to the Headteacher’s Award. In the Nursery, Key Workers complete ‘Proud Clouds’ for when the children meet special milestones or achieve something to be really proud of; these are then shared with Parents/Carers in addition to the WOW moments above.